China Metal Seminar Hong Kong

… Connecting China and the World

23-24 June 2013

Antaike, the leading state-owned consulting firm in China, is pleased to bring you China Metal Seminar Hong Kong, which is dedicated to provide a great platform for metal producers, investors, trading firms, consumers and etc. to address the latest movements on China’s nonferrous metal market and its effects on global market.

 Aiming at being a bridge connecting China and the rest of the world, CMS Hong Kong, is an event that cannot be missed, for the top four reasons:

  •  Presentations focusing on China, the No.1 producers and consumer of base metals
  •  Authoritative speakers worldwide to be invited
  • Major producers and traders from China to attend
  • Coincidence with LME Asia Week, allowing for networking with more people

 Key topics to be discussed

  •  Challenges in metal supply
  • Drivers for metal consumption in the next five year, will the consumption slow down?
  •  The role of financing import, will it continue?
  • What opportunities will bring to industrial players?

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